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Big booty hoe gets tag teamed

Posted December 4, 2006 - Devlin tears up Tracy's hot pussy - Devlin tears up Tracy's hot pussy

Devlin has bought a new video camera and wants to do some playing. He gets Tracy to show her tits on camera, but she’s a little shy on her first date with him, but she’s soon showing him her black pussy as well for the camera. As long as it’s out, Devlin figures he might as well go down on it, so he dives right in and has his tongue buried in Tracy’s sweet snatch.

Being a good girl Tracy returns the favor and has Devlin’s cock hard and in her mouth and is working it, licking it and sucking it like a pro. She turns around and Devlin buries his cock deep into her pussy from behind. Her inner freak is starting to come out and she’s getting ready to turn from a good little girl into a nasty ho. Sound she’s begging for the cock and cursing like a sailor.

She’s soon on her back and moaning as Devlin pounds her black pussy and you can hear the bedspring squeaking. Now she’s stating to work a up a sweat and the Ebony Nasty girls is coming out thru her pores. Soon she’s got a leg in the air, her clit is popping out and she is sopping wet. She climbs on top and her pussy juices are flowing all over the place. She bounces up and down and you can hear her booty clap going as Devlin sucks on her tits as she rides him hard. As the sweat pours off her body, she moans louder and pumps harder and she licks her lips as she watches Devlin spurt a hot load. - Devlin tears up Tracy's hot pussy

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